Silken Moon’s Powder Skin & Betty Corset

Hey guys did you know there is a Runway perfect hunt going on and that you can snag this fabulously fashion at a steal of only 5L’s?  That’s right!! This Corset is part of the runway hunt going on until the end of April, and this little beauty can be all yours.  I don’t need to say much about this wonderful creation because it speaks for itself… SPRING TIME is here, and it’s time to work in some vivid colors.  Whatever your planning be sure to head over to Silken Moon and snag this beauty before the end of this month You wont be disappointed, also it is the new fitted mesh so you will need the latest FS viewer to view it properly, (don’t make the same mistake as me) lol.. I was like OMGAH what happened?  Smiles, on a more serious note, Malicia Python of Silken Moon has been a very busy little bee, she is working on new skin lines as well as clothing, so it’s like  double whammed.   The skin I’m blogging today is a new one of hers its the Powder Skin and it truly speaks for itself as well, with the vibrant eye colors giving it  a hint of spring time.  This is just one of the sneak peaks to Mal’s new skin line and I will tell you  each speaks for itself.  When Mal does a skin each as her own story and that is what makes Silken Moon Skins a treat!.. Malicia takes the time to think about the character and then she brings each to life making them a unique masterpiece of her SL.   I always say ” The beauty lies within the story” and this is true with each of Malicia’s skins. So off ya booty’s and head on over to see for yaself

❤ CC

SM_Powder Skin & Betty Corset

Theme music:


Style Card

Shape: CC

Skin: Silken Moon Powder Skin

Top: Silken Moon Betty Corset- Poppy- Runway hunt

Pants: Ricielli Mesh –  Buttoned leggings- YELLOW-VALENTINES hunt item #7

Shoes: CandyDoll- Gossa heels Whore couture Fair

Earrings: Mandala Leather Feather Earrings

Clutch: Purplemoon Amanda in Rasberry Prize

Pose: Wicca’s Wardrobe Casual Jeans 002


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