Malicia Python- Silken Moon’s 2015 Skin Fair W Line

SM SKINFAIR2015BLOG#1_0016WOW! The 2015 Skin Fair is upon us and Silken Moon’s Malicia Python has done it again. I am showing the W Line today and it can be purchased at the 2015 Skin Fair. This is the Abs edition and I had a bit of FUN playing with her… I found myself when I slipped into this beauty.

SM SKINFAIR2015BLOG#1_0006SM SKINFAIR2015BLOG#1_00012SM SKINFAIR2015BLOG#1_0005SM SKINFAIR2015BLOG#1_0018Now, let’s get to the goods….Each Tone comes
-in three body options (natural and cleaved boobs, abs)
-with Slink hand and feet appliers
-with eyebrow shaper

with the following tattoo layers:
-alternative set of nipples
-tintable body freckles
-extra face freckles
-a basic eyeliner (esp. for prim lashes)
-2 sets of pubic hair

Style Card:

Shape: CC

Skin: Silken Moon’s W-line- Powder Abs

Hair: Burley Stacia Black

Outfit: GizzA Baroque Sicily

Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes Hazel

Makeup: NONE

Hands & Feet: Slink- Silken Moon’s P Line appliers

Jewelry: MG Nova Ring and Earrings Color changeable.


Until next time,

❤ CC


” Baby you… you got what I need”

Silken Moon Widow MID ShoesBLOG-CC7                                                                                                                                                                                                      I got da goodies!!!!!!

Hey guys check out these pretty little pumps from Silken Moon called Widow for Slink Mid feet!!

Sooooo shall we take a peek?? I think so…  yesterday Mal passed me these and when I see them.. I was Ooohing and Ahhing, This pump is so soft, and elegant.  You can style it formal or casual, or something a lil more just pure feminine, which is what Ive done… I wanted Silk, and satin, and romance!   It’s so sleek and smooth with the rose embellishments across the toe and one single butterfly adds a touch of softness on the heel.  This shoe is great for the perfect night of romance.  Perhaps a lil dancing with that special someone or losing yourself in your favorite tunes.  Either way this shoe is the one to grab whatever the occasion.

Silken Moon Widow MID ShoesBLOG_CC1 This shoe screams you’ve got what I need and baby let me tell ya.. I couldn’t be happier with the soft lil dress I paired it with… and the Belleza Venus Mesh body!… A girl really feels lush! Paired together they literally screams come take me, I could go on and on but as you can see for yourself. They are wonderful! So head on over to Silken Moon and grab these delicate beauties!

Silken Moon Widow MID ShoesBLOG_CC06

                                                                                                                                                Baby you, you got what I need
Baby you, you got my sunshine
Baby you, you got what I need
Baby you, you got my sunshine

                                                                                                                                                When I see you it’s a beautiful world
But when you’re gone, I want you in my arms
I’m telling you the last time

                                                                                                                                                 Baby you, you got what I need
Baby you, you got my sunshine

                                                                                                                                                 Every night I notice you’re all alone
Wonder you might
Let me love you I’m on fire
Can’t you feel my desire
I want to take you higher

                                                                                                                                                 It’s a simplest thing,
Always so hard to see
I want to be
The one and only making you feel love
Oh darling I need love
It’s all I can dream of

                                                                                                                                                Baby you, you got what I need
Baby you, you got my sunshine
Baby you, you got what I need
Baby you, you got my sunshine

                                                                                                                                                  You got my sunshine

Silken Moon Widow MID ShoesBLOG_0014

Style Card:
Shape: Cc
Skin: Belleza Ava DT
Body: Belleza Venus Mesh -SLINK FIT
Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes-Sand
Hair: Pr!tty Marzia& Spring Dreaming Rainbow headband
Horns: {N} Norse Faun Horns *Goddess of Love *   & GizzA Papillion Pink Set Eye accessories
Necklace: Pearl Wisp Necklace- Peach
Dress: Tee*fy Celeste  Dress  Eminence
Shoes: Silken Moon Widow MID Shoes
Makeup: Silken Moon custom Christy Smokey eyeshadow, Eclipse Eyeliner Deep set & Midnight lips
Slink Hands-gesture
Slink Feet MID
Until next time,
❤ CC



Smiles, The R-Line is here!

Hello ladies, (points up)  see that??  Well, that my darlings is the brand new R skin line from Silken Moon!

Isn’t it sweet?  Thought so too.  This like all of Malicia Pythons skins come with options GALORE!

In this package you will find….. The 3 skin options which are as follows:  Abs, Cleavage, or the natural option.  Also inside the skin package you will find body and nose freckle options along with two pubic hair choices, Slink hand and feet appliers, Silken Moon eyebrow, alternative nipple option, and the base eyeliner for prim lashes!   I would say you definitely get a big bang for the buck!   Smiles, still undecided??   You should definitely head on over and grab the demo to see for yourself.

I am showing the skin in Pearl skin tone along with the great group gifty this month and its perfect for Fall. Yes, it’s the !Silken Moon Gem eyeshadow in bronze.  Fall is my favorite,  I have anticipated this all year long…  now that it’s here we better enjoy it because It sure doesn’t last long in my neck of the woods.  I absolutely love the smell in the air, the cinnamon spiced candles, sipping coffee on my patio all wrapped up in a blankie.  I swear it soothes my weary soul.

SM-R-LINE PEARL-CC1If that doesn’t work I always find a good read or some relaxing tunes to calm those nerves and bring me back down to mellow moods.  Sometimes life can take its toll on us and we get so caught up in worldly things, or our chaotic schedules we forget to actually breathe.  I seen a post of a very dear lady I know and she said… Music is healing, and I would have to agree with her wholeheartedly on that.  So, this post may be just a bit different but i like to put a twist on things..

I challenge you to find thirty minutes to just breathe, find your little corner or curl up with your favorite book, sip your coffee, or sway to those tunes, but get your thirty minute dosage of the good life.  We all have it so good and it’s taken for granted far too often!  Let’s get started shall we?  Please feel free to leave your comments below of your favorite way to relax or unwind.

Style Card:

Shape: CC

Skin: Silken Moon’s R-line- Pearl

Hair: Exile::After the Rain Naturals

Jacket: *Fishy Strawberry* Ducato Leather Jacket – Tobacco -Kustom9

Jeans: N-core Jeans & sculpted belts- Dark Blue

Boots: .: ryvolter :. Maja Shark Boots – Camel

Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes – Sand

Makeup: Silken Moon Custom Christy Smokey shadow, Silken Moon Base liner (included), !Silken Moon Gem eyeshadow in bronze (group gift)-grab yours

Hands & Feet: Slink

Jewelry: MG Nova Ring and Earrings Color changeable.

Until next time,


Belleza Venus Mesh Body

Alright Ladies, So I just had to go and get the new Belleza Mesh Body Venus…. I along with many others have waited a long time for this beauty.    I am hearing so many complaints, and bad reviews, soooooo I want to give some hype to it!   Yes, people are complaining and thy have their own opinion and I have mine.   So here it goes…  Yes, there is a known issue with the way the neck fits and YES it is being worked on right now and YES you will receive a free update when its released…   I’ve also heard some complaints about the curves and skin tones… HOWEVER…. PLEASE do NOT let this keep you from trying this body!  I LOVE IT!!!   I personally have NOT had any trouble with fitting my Slink hands, feet, or accessories to my body.  Yes, it may take you longer to get dressed to reach your full potential with the alpha system BUT isn’t that what we are all after anyway???   We all want to achieve the best look possible right?   Well… I have been trying some of the most tedious clothing from my inventory and with a little effort I feel I’m able to achieve my goals..   I personally find that the skin tones are great.. I had several Belleza skins previously  so that was no issue,  I’ve even found a tone from the presets I’m comfortable wearing my skin from The shops with.  Yep, I did…   I will say its a work in process just like all the other great things that make us happy in SL.  Give it a little time and let them work the kinks out.. All good things are worth it!   So I really hope this post helps anyone that is still debating or that is in doubt of the beautiful Venus body.  I don’t think anyone that is comfortable in their shape and with editing will be disappointed… at least I sincerely hope not anyway.  Head on over and grab this beauty!  So many nice things to go with it too…


Style Card:

Shape CC

Body: Belleza Venus Mesh Body

Skin: Belleza Ava DT

Slink Gesture Hands & Slink Mid feet

Hair: [BURLEY]_Stasia_Fatpack

Base: [e] Hair Base – Essentials-LUST

Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Poltergeist


!Silken Moon Midnight Lips

Silken Moon Custom Christy Eyeliner-Deep Set & Custom Christy Eyeshadow

Dress: ::M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H.::Opened Dress Gold

Shoes: Bens Boutique – Aria High Heel Booties All Colors (slinkmid)-Black shown



::Miss Lt creations studio CROWN mesh ring stone change color

Gold Bracelets-6

JCNY – SARYH, Hyper-Gems, Diamond Nose Piercing

MG – Bangles and Earrings – Nova Dream Moon

MG – Necklace – Tokyo Party Night

Until next time,

❤ CC




Silken Moon’s Q-Skin Line- Paper


Hi Ladies,

Have you heard that Malicia Python has been at it again!?  Well in case you haven’t take a look at this lil beauty!  Today I had the opportunity to play with the Silken Moon Q-Skin Line in Paper….

HOLY CROW! where to begin…. This skin is by far one of my favorites!  Mal had an idea awhile back about this skin and she’s finally brought her to life..  My heart literally leaped from my chest when I slipped into this baby.  Right away I was able to get a vision of where I wanted to go with her and I hope you all agree that this is where her heart is.  First let’s get to the goodies!!!   This skin comes in 3 options, of Natural, Cleavage, or Abs, not to mention you have 2 pubic hair choices and nipples option, a base liner for prim lashes, Slink hands and feet appliers, & freckles for the nose and body that are tintable.   Don’t like the color choice???  No problem, Mal has you covered with 5 skin tones available..  So take a peek and see for yourself!





So…. as I was saying…. when I slipped into this skin, she felt silky smooth and sassy, with  a bit of sorrow.  A longing for something perhaps in her past…

SM-Q-Line-PAPERCC#4So as the saying goes, That we hold on to the things that are dear to us for a lifetime… as does she… Each night she finds herself watching and waiting..  For what??  Well only the heart knows and sometimes it isn’t clear…. The heart is a mysterious thing at times…

SM-Q-Line-PAPER_cc11No one truly knows the darkness that lies within the heart. Kept tucked away preserving the morals of a name, yet losing a little piece of themselves daily. Seeing the light but unable to escape the narrow passage. Once in awhile one crosses over, but few and far between. Nothing but a mere immortal bearing the scars of many battles….-Windy F.

SM-Q-Line-PAPER-BLOG-CC                                                                                         She sits and waits til dawn brings the first light… and she hides herself away once more….


Tonight… she lies awake… waiting, watching, & longing… once more………..



Style Card:

Shape: CC

Skin: Silken Moon’s Q-line- Paper

Hair: Little Bones, Willow Tree- The secret affair…

Corset: :[P]:- Kaelys Corset:// Sparkle-The secret Affair

Skirt: JuneBug- Flowing Skirt-Ink- The fantasy gacha

Eyes: IKON Poltergeist

Makeup: Silken Moon Midnight Lips, Silken Moon Elements Eyeshadow-Water, Silken Moon Base liner (included),

Hands & Feet: Slink

Jewelry: MG Nova Ring and Earrings Color changeable.


Until next time,

❤ CC

Silken Moon Peep Peep

Hello ladies,

Today we are showing another one of Malicia Python’s creations called Silken Moon Peep Peep Pumps for Slink Mid feet.   These were released for the WEIB salesroom so please grab yours today!

These pumps can be dressed up or down and classy either way.   These pumps come in a 10 color choice variety, and at 75L that is a steal!!!    Did you know that Peep-toe shoes were popular beginning in the 1940s but disappeared by the 1960s !!     Another fun fact about these beauties are that Peep-toe shoes had a brief resurgence in the 1970s/80s, before falling out of fashion by the mid-1990s.

None the less More recently, they have enjoyed some popularity again, with variations such as “peep-toe boots” appearing.  Id say these lil’ pumps have made their huge come back and are once again gracing the fashion industry with their classy style and charming beauty!   Thanks Mal for another great design.   SM-peep peep Toe_CC

Here’s your limo:

“Any patch of sunlight in a wood will show you something about the sun which you could never get from reading books on astronomy. These pure and spontaneous pleasures are ‘patches of Godlight’ in the woods of our experience.”
C.S. Lewis

Style Card:

Shape: CC

Hair: Magika Sudden

Skin: Glam Affair Amberly-india

Cardigan: DRIFT Draped Cardigan [MESH] Jersey Knit w/HUD

Sweater: Nyte’N’Day – Mikerow Backless Sweater Dress – Brown

Pants: .: ryvolter :. Shane Leather Pants – Pearl

Belt: GeWunjo-juliana Pearl Belt

Necklace: MG – Necklace – Tokyo Party Night

Pumps: Silken MoonTan Peep Peep MID Shoes available in 10 colors at the WEIB salesroom.

Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid

Eyeshadow: Silken Moon Custom Christy

Eyeliner: Silken Moon Eclipse eyeliner Deep set

Until Next Time,

❤ CC


Silken Moon’s Rock the News Rack

Hey ladies,

It’s a little late but today we are doing the Rock the News Rack outfit from Malicia Python of Silken Moon.  This outfit is stylishly detailed with newspaper articles!  What a FUN idea!   Malicia Python always has a way of bringing a one of a kind style to fashion that makes all of her designs masterpieces!  You sure can’t find this anywhere else so you can hop on over to the Rock your Rack Event and grab this beauty!  Rock Your Rack 2014 has 65 designer booths on three sims all supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  ALL of Malicia’s designs for the Rock your Rack event are 100% donations, so that’s a GREAT way to give back and do your part. YES I said ALL, so head on over and check her out, below you can find a direct TP to her store there.

Rock the News Rack!

Find this masterpiece here: :

Jump over and see what great bargains you can find to make your Avatar unique!

Style Music:


Style card:

Shape: CC

Skin: -Belleza- Grace C88 Tan Fat Pack

Hair: Lelutka Josephine Pitch

Outfit: Silken Moon’s Rock the News Rack & Clutch

Shoes: Bens Boutique – Pamela Stiletto Black&Silver

Makeup: Silken Moon CC Lips Gothly- Kiss of Death,

Silken Moon Custom Christy Eyeshadow& Eclipse Eyeliner Deep Set

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture

The Rock your Rack event runs from September 1st through the 15th so don’t waste another minute guys!

Until next time,

❤ CC